April Goals

It is now April 3, so I’d best get a post about my goals up if I am going to keep the goal of posting goals! How is that for a sentence about goals? I do find that it helps me stay better on track, just knowing that all my thousands of readers are waiting to see if I made it! Just kidding, of course, about the thousands of readers!


Down and dirty today…must stay FOCUSED, as I mentioned on my March goal sheet. And I did! I have already blogged about the Sienna Burst QAL…kind of a fail, in my mind. But I did feel it was acceptable to check off everything on my March list. And, I did work daily on that Secret Project too!

So, for April, I continue to keep it a bit small, but have added a Wonky Stars Block Swap. I just love them, so I couldn’t pass them up. I also have a “semi-secret” project on the list that I hope to start and nearly finish along with that secret one! Call me a glutton for punishment! That said, I guess I will go have some lunch and then get back to my progress!

Congrats to everyone who completed their goals for the month of March! Until the next post…

Happy Quilting!

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Wow! It is March Already!

Time flies when you are having fun! I guess I have been doing a lot of that! As reported in my earlier post, QuiltCon did not fail to inspire! But now it is March and new things await!

March goals…and then some more!

I managed to meet my January and February goals…even if I have kept the lists short. March is looking foreboding to me, but I must prevail!

The picture above was snapped before I succombed to another Wonky Star Swap! Yikes! It doesn’t close until April, so I will make it work. Signups close March 10, so jump in if you want to participate. Link in bio of @bylancer on Instagram.

wonky stars shining
More stars coming!!!!

I also joined in the Sienna Sunburst QAL with @thencamejune. Check out the post…I think you could still join in! There are so many different looks to this pattern. I think I will do solids (photo below from Meghan’s website)

Sienna Burst Quilt Pattern...thencamejune
Not my image…from Meghan, @thencamejune

Another new project is on the books…secret sewing! More than one, if you must know!

Secret Sewing takes a LONG time!

My secret sewing projects are going to take a lot of time, planning and patience, though patience is really not that much a part of it, as I hope to love the finished products! I hope I finish them both this year.

Of course, there is the March, Stash Bee – Hive Five! This month we are working on I Spy Poloroid Blocks for our Queen Bee, Stephanie. I have made many poloroid blocks, but I gave them all away in the IG Get Your Quilty Wishes Granted campaign! They are simple and fun and I like joining four to make a block! I am not a big fussy cutter, but I do have a stash of fabric that will work for this.

 This is Stephanie’s sample block…love that gray!

Last but not least…I didn’t put it on the actual list, just the picture…is the Triangle Mini Quilt Challenge from Curated Quilts. I love the colors and the magazine! 20180305_104557_hdr1714774904.jpg  I am just not so sure I can “git’er done”!!!

It just seems that those of us who have been bitten by the quilty bug can’t stop!







SEW…I am off and running into March. Isn’t that the month that “comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb”? Here’s hoping! Tell me it is not as bad as it seems, because they ALL don’t have to finish in March!

Happy Quilting!

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January/February Goals

Happy February, friends!

Since it is the first of February and the month of love, I will not beat myself up too much for the fact that every box is not checked off on my short list of January goals.


That said, I will mention that I have made something for the MQG Swap…actually I have made two! I just didn’t feel warm and fuzzy about them and so I will be starting a new one today. Does that really count as a fail??

I felt rather silly when I went and looked again at my partner’s IG feed only to find that she did post a mosaic in November. I have looked several times and don’t know how I missed it, but now I have a clear goal! Not sure what will happen with the other items I made, but such is the life of a quilter…not everything works out, but most things find a home sooner or later. These are what I have made and won’t be swapping at QuiltCon…

So, I moved the MQG Swap to February!


February is an exciting month! My main excitement is about the 2018 QuiltCon…I am going! It is my sew mate’s, Jude Made It, birthday month and appropriate that we are going together. It is our first time to go and we are participating in as much as we can! More will come about that on the blog as it happens!

In prep for the big event, there was some making in January that I didn’t blog about.

Buttons and cards to swap, a lanyard for displaying the buttons, and a bag for stashing things. I am carrying the bag I made a while back as a tester for Yvonne Campbell, @quiltydream. I like that the bag and lanyard include the color of the year…Ultra Violet…or at least, some shades of it! Will YOU be at QuiltCon?

Once again, my February goal sheet is a little on the sparse side. This time is it because we will be traveling, in addition to QC. Though it has not been terrible winter weather here, we will be going to the Bahamas for some fun and sun and friends. I feel lucky and hope to get some great turquoise quilting inspiration! It will be great to spend time with our great friends on their boat, Terridup, too! She keeps a blog here, if you are interested in checking it out.

Well, that about rounds up what I can think of today. Happy February, “make love – not war”, and happy quilting!

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A New Look

A friend once told me, “When things seem out of control, change your hair. It is the one thing you can control!”


Well, I don’t plan on changing my hair soon. I did decide to change my site up a bit though. It looks more streamlined to me. Now, if I can just get to posting regularly. No pressure!

More what I believe more is…


So many things to do! I continue to be a work in progress and I am happy about that… as long as I am continuing to see some progress!

Off to a 2015 Start


Happy New Year…even a bit late!

Off to a new start for 2015 and back at the work table. Today I am making pillow tops and bags. These will be in my Etsy shop when they are finished…along with more that don’t show up here.

My goals for the year? Other than being the person I am meant to be? Well, I hope to understand more about the ins/outs of selling my wares on Etsy (or other means). Why? Because I truly love creating things, as noted by my header here! What will I do with all of them? Maybe support my habit!!!

If you have any words of wisdom or a blog to share on this subject, please let me know in the comments below! I will also unabashedly ask for some love here and on Etsy…and will also return the favor!

Here’s to the new year and success in all the forms it can take!