Merry Christmas!

At book club this week there was a new member who asked about the members. I guess some people out in the blogosphere also want to know more about the people they follow, so here is a recap of our year…

It is two days before Xmas and all around our house, there is so much snow we can hardly get out!


As we sit by the window watching the flakes blow, we decided to bore you with some things you may not know.

One of us (guess which one) really doesn’t like this endeavor, but when she puts on her thinking cap she thinks she is really clever!

Cuteness aside, let’s get on with the telling, it’s been a pretty good year, as we’re no longer selling!

Yes, indeed, we are both retired as Val turned in her papers and will collect Social Security starting Jan 1!  This leaves us fancy free to do whatever we want.  It seems like the thing we do most is travel.  Our trips this year included…

Travel from Vancouver, Canada on Via Rail to Toronto in March……beautiful scenery, great food on the train and in Toronto and met some really nice people.  It was COLD everywhere we went.  Got to see the Hockey Hall of Fame and a great play, Disgraced.  Also on the train trip we stopped in Saskatoon and had a brief visit with Val’s Facebook friend she had never met.  Mavis Ens…it was a pleasure!

In July our grand-daughter, Ali, visited for 10 whole days!  We are so pleased that even at the advanced age of 20 she found enough time on her schedule to visit Granny and Gramps!  She is a junior at Kansas University, studying Psychology and Dance.

Dear friends visiting us throughout the year were the Potts, Ehrlichs, O’Connells, Sevciks, and other Websters.  Speaking of Websters, we had a family gathering at Lake Tahoe in August with Roy, Sandy, Randy, Val, Chris, Madelyn, C.J. and Ty.  The favorite event was baseball!

In early September we went with Michelle and Dave Mindolovich to the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness for a few days of back-packing.  We hardly ever saw them on the trail as they are much faster than we are, plus Randy was battling gout (I don’t recommend getting this!)  Next year will see some leadership changes to this group, as this might be an annual event!


Our longest trip of the year took us to SE Asia where we spent three weeks in Laos and Cambodia.  We went with Roy and Sandy Webster who still aren’t sure whether to forgive Randy for some of the planned events, i.e. an elephant ride and river crossing, bike riding in the jungle in what seemed like 115 degree heat, and an overnight stay “off the grid” with only solar power (no AC)….and in tents!  But they never complained about the cooking lessons they took on the last day of our trip!


In all honesty, it was a trip of a lifetime, with some great experiences!

Our final trip of the year was a last minute hop to Maui with Roy and Sandy (they are good sports)!

Val continues to stay active at home with quilting, genealogy, Spirit Sisters, and she joined a new book club.  Randy continues as a mediator for Deschutes County Court System and Community Solutions as well as golf (love/ hate relationship) racket ball, pickle ball and genealogy.

In 2017 the big trip on the books so far, is Israel and Greece.  Val is also excited about a long overdue visit to Kansas City in early January to catch up with family and friends on their turf!

merry-christmas-card-design-base-deer-34943390(Image from Internet)

We hope that you and yours have a happy, healthy, holiday season and that you have something to look forward to in 2017.

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Love and good cheer to all!





Hello blogosphere!

Well, I have been threatening to return and here I am.  Trying some easier, work my way back posts to get going. I am reading more posts too. I will get there!

Not because this blog is at all “all about me”, but to start, I am going to take a Share Your World challenge from Cee at

Are you usually late, early, or right on time?   My goal is to be just a tad early, but it doesn’t always happen. I hate to hurry, so I always try to allow lots of time and I am fortunate that my schedule usually allows that.

20150926_095946_HDR  (from our recent trip to Italy…more info to follow)

If you were or are a writer do you prefer writing short stories, poems or novels?   Definitely poems. For the most part, the few that I have written just come to me. Generally, I wake up with them on my mind.

mail 010

Where did you live at age 10?   I lived in Kansas City and moved from one house to another that year. It was traumatic because I came home from camp and my house was almost empty! I did not know anything about the plan to move.  I have moved many times since then, and currently live in Bend, Oregon.

2015-09-30 18.58.31  (our current home on a beautiful fall evening)

Would you rather be able to fly or breathe under water?   This answer seems a bit morbid…I am tempted to say breathe under water, just in case, because I think drowning would be horrible. That said, I would rather be able to fly. Oh the places you could go and the things you could see from such a wonderful vantage point! Oh, btw, I am also afraid of very high places…go figure!

May 2007 Ballooning over Madras 192a  (other than a plane, the closest I have ever come)

Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?   Last week, I attended a beautiful baby shower for a young friend who is almost to complete a high-risk pregnancy. I am grateful for the eminent success of this situation and the friends that were brought together for the event.

2015-10-17 14.08.07  (isn’t she lovely!)

Coming up? Who knows…it is a great adventure and anything could happen. Right now, I know we will be dining with friends that we love, so I will say that is what I am looking forward to.

If you did, thanks for reading. I will be easing in with some more of these simpler “follow the leader” type posts until I can get my own juices back in the groove!

Happy blogging all!