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Flowers from IsraelFlowers from Israel…© Valorie Webster

We have just returned (very exhausted from the travel) after spending nearly a month in Israel and Greece. I looked through over 1000 images to find one to depict my feelings this morning. I decided on these flowers.

It takes me a while to sort through all the feelings I have after these trips, but today I want to say that I am grateful. We have so much in our country…some more than others, as in every country. Our worst days pale in comparison, however, to people who have lived their entire lives with religious wars, homes lost, all retirement funds stripped away and more. Yet, they continue…most with relative happiness.

If I write more blogs regarding this trip, there will be mixed emotions and differing opinions than you may have. That is okay. What I know, for myself, is that world travel points out all our differences…AND all our similarities.

Flowers seem to find a way to bloom everywhere! May we be at peace!


Flower of the Day – June 11, 2015

Playing with Irises in the studio…



Flower of the Day – June 10, 2015

Backlit Tulip_6320

Yes, tulips are all gone for this year, but aren’t they just beautiful!?!

This close-up shot is backlit and just makes me feel happy and the colors are so exciting too.

Have a beautiful day!

Cheers to Cee’s Photography and her many photo challenges!


Flower of the Day – June 8, 2015

This is my post for today’s flower. Again…taken in Virginia. The lovely Azalea that blooms prolifically in the spring in certain parts of the country.


I really like to shoot shallow depth-of-field!

Have a blooming-good week everyone!


Flower of the Day – May 29, 2015

Following Cee’s Photography, Flower of the Day…

IMG_4575 Today’s flower is a white peony bud. An open flower from the same bush was posted a couple of days ago.

Which to do you like better? Buds hold so much promise!

Thanks for looking!


Flower of the Day – March 28, 2015

IMG_4557 Today’s flower is the lovely dogwood.

They do grow in Oregon, but this one was living in Virginia. Simple, beautiful, a sign of spring!

Thanks, Cee, for the challenge!