About Me

Update on December 29, 2017:

My first post to WordPress was on October 29, 2014. That was not so long ago, but I find it interesting how it has evolved. I suppose I have to admit that I initially started blogging to promote my shop on Etsy…Facetfully. That shop has been on “hiatus” now for some time and I currently have no idea if it will be reborn. I then went on to post about all kinds of things…life, love, travel, photography, and much miscellaneous.

For 2018, this blog will become a place where I share my hobby, which has become a passion in itself…quilting. So, there will be some changes. Some of the pages, like photography, will go away.  If you have to “unfollow” this blog, I get it! I will be doing the same for some blogs. I just have to do a better job of focusing my time. That said, if you have interest in following along with a quilter’s folly, feel free!

In my creative lifetime(s) I have been a seamstress, writer, photographer, designer, crafter, traveler and of course, the creative roles of daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend…not necessarily in the above order nor always well.

Oh, and I don’t really like pictures of me…but, this is me…

Val toasting 1    …my name is not actually “facetfully”, but I bet you knew that!

I am Valorie and I really enjoy my life! Cheers!

 Note: Most of the images I post in my blogs are mine. Please let me know if you have a desire to use any of them. And also, please link back to this blog if it inspires a post of your own. 



22 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Yes, Ludwig, I thought I was starting something new…very simple thing if you look at my first post with that title. I searched for one, so as not to duplicate. Looks like we had the same idea at roughly the same time. I kmow about the tags or other edits being possible later. This blogging can really take some time, but I am enjoying it more and more.


    1. Thanks, Ludwig. I have checked it out and will try to remember to at least tag these posts. I forgot on the last one! It is interesting to see what others post and I had asked people to post for World Windows, but none yet.

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      1. Is World Windows your doing? I did not know about this when I started Monday Window. Are there other World Window bloggers? Bye the way, you can go back and add tags to posts at any time.


  2. I love you saying your many faceted, that resonates with me as well.

    I feel my blogging has two different directions – I love blogging because there is only so much ‘input’ of information I can hold without bursting! I want to put my perspective out there – I want to write authentically expressing my life but I also want to be heard, so I get tempted by these ’10 ways to increase readers on your blog’ articles that tell me I must focus on one subject!

    hmn…. its a balancing act! So I resist.. and therefore make no apology that one post might be a recipe and the next a rant about ‘fast fashion’!

    Its nice to read that I am not the only one who doesn’t want to ‘define’ or ‘restrict’ their blog to a single theme. What a great name for a blog!

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