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Update on June 9, 2015:

My first post to WordPress was on October 29, 2014. That was not so long ago, but I find it interesting how it has evolved. I suppose I have to admit that I initially started blogging to promote my shop on Etsy…Facetfully. While I do that occasionally, it has become more interesting to me to blog about all kinds of things. As I say on my home page, The Many Sides of Life…and Other Stuff. I think it is still quite diverse and who knows what will show up here!?!

What a pleasure it has been, and continues to be! I feel connected to people around the world. It is like Facebook, only better! Thank you for looking around here. “Follow” if you feel inspired to do so.

Note: Most of the images I post in my blogs are mine. All of the images on the Photography page are mine, indeed, and copyrighted. Please let me know if you have a desire to use any of them. And also, please link back to this blog if it inspires a post of your own.

Thanks again! Below is the original posting of this page, it is all still true (well, mostly true, my best crafting buddy is going to move away, but she will still inspire me)…

I called my blog “facetfully” because I am fully faceted…maybe too much so.

I love to do creative things…and I belong to a little group that meets weekly to do just that! Since joining this group, I have felt like I came home. I had not done truly crafty things for so long! We will try just about anything at least once and we learn from our mistakes, as well as our successes.

In my creative lifetime(s) I have been a seamstress, writer, photographer, designer, crafter, traveler and of course, the creative roles of daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend…not necessarily in the above order nor always well.

I am a lover and a peacemaker, a seeker who loves an adventure, so you just don’t know what you might find on this blog.

Oh, and I don’t really like pictures of me…even though I like taking pictures of people! Anyway, this is me…

Val toasting 1    …my name is not actually “facetfully”, but I bet you knew that!

I am Valorie and I really enjoy my life! Cheers!


22 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Yes, Ludwig, I thought I was starting something new…very simple thing if you look at my first post with that title. I searched for one, so as not to duplicate. Looks like we had the same idea at roughly the same time. I kmow about the tags or other edits being possible later. This blogging can really take some time, but I am enjoying it more and more.

  2. Valorie, I would like to invite you to join the weekly challenge “Monday Window”. Please see https://mondaywindow.wordpress.com

    • Thanks, Ludwig. I have checked it out and will try to remember to at least tag these posts. I forgot on the last one! It is interesting to see what others post and I had asked people to post for World Windows, but none yet.

      • Is World Windows your doing? I did not know about this when I started Monday Window. Are there other World Window bloggers? Bye the way, you can go back and add tags to posts at any time.

  3. Adventurous peacemaker sounds neat. =)

  4. I love when people have diversified blogs – the world is too interesting to just stick with one topic. Awesome you have an Etsy shop. I will check it out!


  5. Hello Valorie,

    I nominated you for the Quotes Challenge. Though it is not required to accept it, I hope you would take a look at it and have fun sharing your favourite quotes 😀



  6. Glad to virtually meet you!

  7. Hey Valorie! Your blog is Awesome. I loved it a lot ❤ Keep blogging, Good luck! 🙂

  8. Hello Valorie! Thank you for visiting, and the like. I love your spirit…Cheers! Keep smiling!

  9. Read the comment you left on another blog. Loved it enough to come see yours. Now I’m happy to be a new follower 🙂

  10. I love you saying your many faceted, that resonates with me as well.

    I feel my blogging has two different directions – I love blogging because there is only so much ‘input’ of information I can hold without bursting! I want to put my perspective out there – I want to write authentically expressing my life but I also want to be heard, so I get tempted by these ’10 ways to increase readers on your blog’ articles that tell me I must focus on one subject!

    hmn…. its a balancing act! So I resist.. and therefore make no apology that one post might be a recipe and the next a rant about ‘fast fashion’!

    Its nice to read that I am not the only one who doesn’t want to ‘define’ or ‘restrict’ their blog to a single theme. What a great name for a blog!

  11. Thanks for your follow too. We sound like minded people, although sometimes the bureaucracy around the rebuild can challenge my glass is full outlook!

  12. This blog is great. Yay Val!

  13. A weekly creative group sounds like fun; and the structure likely makes sure that you continue to invest in NEW creative ventures!

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