Catch-Up Time!

All we can do it the best we can do! Whoever said this was absolutely correct! I was feeling pretty pleased at the time of my last post (July 23), that I had been keeping up with at least one post per month. I know that isn’t much, compared to many bloggers, but it is all a process, right? I am not going to beat myself up, but just try to catch up a bit today.

Having not been blogging, you might guess that I was not keeping up with my monthly planner either. You would be right! That doesn’t mean I have not been busy in my sewing room…or other places!

Since my last post, I have completed all my stash bee blocks and another round of wonky stars swap. These are the wonky star blocks I sent out…img_20180811_161010_0427480597515168081610.jpgI just love these crazy things and am getting quite a collection! I think a few more will be arriving, as the swap deadline is this month, so I won’t post the collection I have yet.

In August, I was Queen Bee of the Stash Bee Hive 5. I selected a simple 9-patch block so it would be easy for everyone during the busy summer month. I was so lucky to receive 17 blocks! Some folks made multiples, so it almost fills my wall. Originally, I had planned to cut the big blocks up into smaller squares and make a unique arrangement something like this…


At this point, after putting them all up on my design wall, I am not sure. I love the simplicity of these blocks, just as they are, and the pops of color!


I am going to have to look at this for a while and play with the blocks!

In August, we also went on a cruise to Alaska. It was a time spent with my son-in-law and his family. We had been before, but it was a different kind of trip for them, as they would usually choose to travel to a tropical climate. The highlight for me, since I had not seen it on our previous trip, was the glacier. They got very close for such a big ship! This was the Dawes Glacier and they take you up the arm of the fjord slowly because of the icebergs. Once they get as close as possible, they rotate the ship 360 degrees, so everyone can see, even if they want to stay inside. This time of year, it was quite cold! We stood on the bow of the ship for about 3 hours!


The boys were more interested in playing basketball, actually! I guess that is to be understood, but their parents did make sure they stopped to be part of swinging the ship around and they made it a game to get to all sides of the ship, as it turned! I do believe they thought it was pretty cool, after all!


A few other pics from the trip…

Since the cruise, I have been trying to use my time to clear out some works-in-progress … that ever-growing UFO pile can be daunting!

In no particular order, here are the finishes, so far…


I am not sure how many months ago, I asked photographer, Ric Ergenbirght, if I could try quilting the picture on the right above. He kindly allowed me to give it a go. Something I had been wanting to try and have had no lessons on. I guess it came out okay for a first try. I think I need some training!


I call this lap quilt Caribbean Courthouse Steps. I am thinking of donating it to a good cause. Perhaps a hospital, cancer center, or senior living home.


This little piece has been a thorn in my side, as they say. It started out to be part of the Sienna Sunburst QAL, with Then Came June. I really just couldn’t get into it, so I asked my hubby to pick some fabric. He only asked for something very plain and simple. Well, he got that in the fabric. I got the bright idea to make it bigger and that was another thing I had never done. It was not perfect, but HE liked/s it. I guess that is a good thing. He also want no batting, no quilting, and he even said no binding! He just wanted that unfinished flimsy hanging on a wall. That was not possible for me, so I compromised on what you see…no batting, but it is backed in a simple fabric and slightly quilted with a variegated thread. Phew…another one out of the stack!

Fall always seems to bring many projects and I now have two projects in the works. I expect more to come.


My friend and sewmate, Jude, and I have started a charity quilt using these beautiful Marcia Derse fabrics above.


Above is a peek at a “special request” quilt that is in the works.

More to come as these and other projects unfold this fall.

Today is September 1. I am so happy to have fall in the air. It is a favorite time of year for me! I got a good start on the month by completing the September Stash Bee Hive Five blocks. Cute little kitties aren’t they?


This year is the first time I have been in a Bee and it has been great! I hope I am invited to play again next year!

Well, friends, this is a long post, but I needed to hang in there with my blogging and catch up! Thanks for reading. What are you up to?

I hope you enjoy a beautiful month of September. I hope the fires stop burning and that people are not suffering! Thank you to the firefighters!


I will wrap up with this…an IG post from @blissfulheart (by Ram Dass) that spoke to me…screenshot_2018-09-01-15-22-37~23191375327874516317..png

Peace and happy quilting!

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7 thoughts on “Catch-Up Time!

  1. My, my Val! You’ve accomplished so much in such a sort time. You must be in sewing nervana!. I know I am, trying to get everything done before I leave from MY Alaska trip! Loved your pictures. I can’t wait to get together to work on our charity quilt!

    Have fun on your next adventure! Happy sewing when you can!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice to see what you’ve been up to! I love all those wonky stars! Would love to make some of my own. Your other projects are looking great, too. I dug out an old UFO, a medallion quilt, and am appliqueing flowers on a vine for the next border. That will bring it up to 72″ square so then I’ll decide what, if anything, is next. I’m getting ready to teach a beginning hand applique class in early Oct. so thought I ought to have something to show!

    I enjoyed your Alaska photos – that has always been on my bucket list. Someday! We are heading to Colorado later this month to visit Mom and then to DC in mid-Nov. just for fun. Meanwhile, it’s been hot and muggy here in Vermont, which is quite unusual. Everyone is moving more slowly.

    Are you doing the teal mini swap again this year? I still love my mini you made, and I have made another piece with a black background for this year’s partner. I hope she likes it. I forgot to take a photo before mailing. 😦

    Take care! I should work on my blog, too…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Marianne, for the nice reply! I took an applique class in the summer and hope to do some as a winter project. I am sure yours will be a real applique approach, as this one was big stitch. All I have really done, otherwise, is machine applique.
      I usually keep my blog to quilting, but threw in a few pics of the Alaska trip. Why not? If you can, do it! It is a great trip and worth it. It seems that the cruises to Alaska are more casual and laid back than others. The scenery, itself, makes you want to sit back and enjoy. It is also interesting history, wildlife, etc.
      I did not do the teal swap this time, just because of the things on my plate. I do admire the beauty and perfection of the star you did for me. It is right there for me to enjoy daily and inspires me to slow down and do good work!
      I hope your mom is doing well and that you enjoy your travels. It is about time for the weather to cool down…I hope! Be safe and be IN-joy!


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