A Perfect Helper in my Sewing Room!

I feel very fortunate to have a wonderful space for my sewing, quilting, and crafting. It brings me joy and I spend as much time there as I can! I was reminded of a handy little extra I use when I read the blog post by Yvonne, @Quilting JetGirl, about her portable design board.

It starts with a tray table…20180110_155742_2

You know, one of those things that our parents had around back in the day, made of metal with wobbly legs! My DH hates the idea of them…oh, unless it is dinner time and he wants to watch football in the tv room! (Another story!)

Note that I use the up and down motion of moving from chair at machine to ironing board and design wall as exercise, but sometimes it is just too much. Little pieces that need to be pressed with every little seam, etc.! So, I tried using this as an extention of my sewing table. I covered it with a pressing mat that is made for a regular table. (I like the side with the measurements marked, but it also has the shiny ironing side.) For starters, I used a simple placemat to iron on. You can make your own with fun fabrics and some batting. The possibilities are endless.

You can see in the pictures above that it sits right beside me in handy reach. Oh and look what else…another one is holding my scraps, as I work!

One more picture shows yet another tray table in use on the OTHER side of me…


This one works for quick trimming of the little projects I am working on.

So, I may not get as much exercise, but these are sure convenient! I don’t have to keep them up all the time, as they are very portable, so there is much flexibility.

I am surrounded…and loving every minute of it all!


Thanks for reading! Do you have any handy tips for us?

Happy Quilting!



Wonky Stars Swap

I feel pretty good about the accomplishments of this first week of 2018!

I joined the #wonkystars2018 swap for January and have made 21 wonky star blocks. I forced myself to stop so that I could get them sent out and move on to my next project. I love making them though! I posted about this already, so I won’t go into more here than to reinforce that I love those stars and can’t wait to see what I get from my swap mates! Here is my finished design wall with the 21 stars shining:

wonky stars shining

Today is Sunday, so technically a new week, but whatever week it is, I also finished my #stashbeehive5 January block today. It is for Cathleen, @kitchkouture. Her inspiration for the block is inspiring! Here is my block…

Stash Bee Hive 5 January

It will be fun to see what she ends up using for a background on this project! In case you are not familiar, and are interested, each participant is Queen Bee for a month and plans, designs, requests, and posts a block every month. My first time in this bee.

Have a good week everyone and Happy Quilting!


Reposting about our Charity Quilt

Thanks to Jude, my sew mate and friend, for posting this to her blog about our group, SewIMQs, and our charity quilt for QuiltCon West 2018! It is a pleasure and honor to be working with these gals in our tiny group! Thanks, Laurie, @langdon 13; Adrean, @quiltfabulous; and Jude, @judemadeit! The link to Jude’s post is below the picture. Check it out for more pictures and details!


via MQG Charity Quilt

First Week of the Year

is January and we all start out with great intentions! The gyms are overloaded, the resolutions are recorded, the plans are in place…and who will follow through? I am not big on resolutions, but I do hope to keep up this blog about my quilting journey, so let’s get to that!

Jan goals

I am setting off to make wonky stars for my first bee in 2018, “Wonky Stars 2018”, coordinated by Rachel Lancer, @bylancer.  This is my first “bee” and I am excited because you end up with several blocks and therefore, a good start to a project, rather than just one block.

On my priority list for January (seems like a good idea to plan a month at a time…so maybe I won’t feel like I failed!):

  1. Organize – my room, my thoughts, my plans…CHECK! That is until I started the next project!!!
  2. Wonky Stars – I am doing improv stars, though I have patterns from @JeliQuilts and @sewhookedjen. There are others out there and I appreciate the willingness of people who create and share their efforts. I am using the improv technique, as I got into that last year with Debbie, @aquilterstable, and love it!

    wonky stars 2
    start to the wonky stars
  3. 2018 Stash Bee – This is another bee I have joined. This one is coordinated by Diana, @reddeliciouslife. I am in Hive 5 and Cathleen, @kitchkouture, is the hive mama. I will not be Queen Bee until August, but there is a block to make each month. Fun!
  4. MQG Swap – This happens at QuiltCon West in February, so more to come on that, but I must get to work on this.

SEW everyone…I am off to a good start and hope that you are too! Until next time…

Happy Quilting!