Thursday Doors – April 14, 2016

Big doors, little door and shutter doors…there is a plethora of blue doors to be found in Greece! The white and blues with the sunshine and blue skies are stunning…even almost blinding!

If you have not visited Greece, and get a chance, I suggest the smaller island of Sifnos. The pace is slower, crowds are less and you still get the beauty and simplicity of their architecture. The people are friendly and laid back.

Even if old, abandoned or small, the blue is still evident…

And if blue is not your color, go somewhere else! Or, you could keep looking…

Yes, I had to sit on that lovely little porch!

Happy Trails and Door Searching!

PS – How could I forget…drop by and check out Norm’s Thursday Doors and join in the postings, if you wish! Thanks, for hosting, Norm!

(all images © Valorie Webster)


16 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – April 14, 2016

  1. Hope that works out for you!

  2. There’s nothing like the Blues of Greece! Skies, Sea, painted doors … All stunning.

  3. Wow! Blue sky, blue sea blue windows and blue doors – you ‘blue’ me away with those gorgeous photos.

  4. Ah! Makes me want to be in Greece again! Thanks for the sunshine

  5. Looks marvellous – could do with some of that sun here at the moment!

  6. This brings back wonderful memories of many, many years ago when I visited Greece. Of the islands, I was on Mykonos and Naxos. Ahh, those beautiful blue doors and white buildings and, on Naxos, lemons the size of grapefruit!


  7. As soon as I saw the colours in the first shot I knew we were back in Greece! Wonderful shots 🙂

  8. Now those are some mighty handsome doors. They make a person just smile to see that beautiful shade of blue. And, I would have wanted to sit there as well. 🙂

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