Thursday Doors – March 24, 2016

Thanks to Norm for hosting Thursday Doors!

My submission for this week stretches the theme a bit!


Not sure if this one is really about the plain, white, normal door, the window or the snowy bicycle, but the point is to say goodbye to winter…

and Welcome Spring!!!!


This welcoming sign and flower pot was snapped in Savannah, GA…it is a doorWAY, so I hope it counts!

Images © Valorie Webster




8 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – March 24, 2016

  1. What is a door really? A welcome entrance or a keep-out barrier. You nailed it. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  2. You do have a door, with snow, and a door decoration works, too. Lovely.


  3. I think it is still all about the door – the snow just ties the white door into its surrounds

  4. Two very different but lovely images. Love that red paneling in the first image, so nice against the snow.

  5. I take it someone was not expecting the snow in that first one 😀
    Welcome spring indeed – here’s to warmer days ahead!

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