Thursday Doors – February 25, 2016

IMG_5163Yes, another door  (or should I say set of doors?) from my travels, this time Sicily. Do you think the people behind the far door feel safe enough with two sets of heavy doors one has to get through first? Would you open that first set? Do you find the studs on the first heavy doors to be daunting?

I so enjoy seeing how the rest of the world lives and the history that has shaped lives. I usually find the people charming and welcoming when we travel. I think these doors depict the ancient days and they are still standing today. Do you think our doors will still be standing in hundreds of years?

This is taken in the touristy town Taormina. It was interesting, but my preference is the smaller towns that are not so well traveled.


6 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – February 25, 2016

  1. Usually I don’t like open doors but when they lead to another great door, it works!

  2. That is quite a formidable door there!

  3. Thanks, Norm! Looking forward to some more travels to get some more doors!

  4. Lovely doors that harken back to a very different time when you just never knew who was going to be knocking on the door or what their intentions were going to be. Great post.

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