WORLD WINDOWS – February 13, 2016

IMG_5934 I like looking at, notice I say at not into, windows at night. The truth is, I probably like looking into them, as well. Not because I am of the “peeping” sort, but because they seem so warm and inviting. It feels like home. I figure that if people don’t want you to see, they would close the window, right?

Seeing and feeling how people live is one reason I like to travel so much.

This picture was taken in Greece again, on that wonderful island of Sifnos. Yes, there was someone standing inside, but I waited to get far enough past for them to be out of view. I didn’t stand and stare, but noticed the warm light against the darkness.

What do you like about windows? Are you a “peeper”?


8 thoughts on “WORLD WINDOWS – February 13, 2016

  1. I love windows at night too! That warm amber glow shinning out into the darkness, i keep electric candles in my windows all year, gives a welcoming glow to my home. I also like to look in peoples’ windows when driving at night, not to see them but to see what other peoples’ houses look like on the inside, and as you said, if people don’t want anyone seeing in their windows at night, they could close the curtains! you brought up an interesting topic, windows – and as the Zen folks would say, it is the empty space between the frames of the windows that make them useful! 🙂


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  2. Everyone has a story and there are stories behind every window. When I was younger and would go for evening walks, I would see the glow behind the windows and wonder what their stories were.

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