Thursday Doors – February 4, 2016

BCN doorway

Traveling in the fall can mean many different experiences. So often, our travels tend to be in the summer months, know for vacations. That is one of the joys of retirement…no demanding schedules.

These beautiful doors were found in Barcelona, Spain. I am glad the trees were mostly bare, as the blue doors are fully visible. Love the complementary colors and all the different textures. Hope you enjoy this one too!



19 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – February 4, 2016

  1. what a stunner. Love the bold use of colour and the way you framed it with the trees!

  2. Gorgeous colours facetfully, a navy blue door on a yellow house is perfect!

  3. My kind of blue on this door:)

  4. I really like that dark blue color and the prominent position of this door.

  5. You have a great eye. The colors and textures are visually arresting.

  6. Wow, great picture in so many ways!

  7. Perfect royal blue! A great contrast to the brick and yellow.

  8. I really love that deep blue color and that X pattern in the raised panels. A lovely find 🙂

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