Happy July!

Well, this is to be a busy month around our place(s). We are moving!

randy moving It is not Christmas!!!!

val moving Can’t ride a bike in a truck!

Yes, we are moving and the small stuff has already gone. Thankful that movers will do the rest!!

Oh and even more important….

Fourth of July 1 We are celebrating the birthday of our country!!

Happy July, happy and safe 4th celebrations…see you once I can get settled a bit!

All the best!

(images copyright Valorie Webster)


12 thoughts on “Happy July!

  1. Hope it all went well, its the unpacking that is exhausting! Wishing you every happiness in your new home. x

    • Oh, thank you! We are really going to be happy here. Have had guests off and on for about three weeks! I hope to get back to the blogosphere before long. Hope you are having a good summer too!

  2. Ugh. I hate moving. Stay strong, calm, and cheerful. =)

  3. let us all know how your move goes, I moved a year or so ago, it is generally NOT a good time! Much luck, Michelle

  4. Hope you like the new place, and that everything goes as planned 🙂

  5. I recall another holiday (a rainy Halloween) when you moved. Here’s wishing you better weather and plenty of helping hands and muscles. No piano rocking precariously in a small trailer. What memories!!

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