Conscientious, Curious and Confused

Let’s face it…life is busy for most of us and that is a good thing, right? I just want to voice something that is on my mind of late. You will see it is VERY serious!

Other bloggers post about not liking “likes” or wanting more comments, instead. I admit that compared to many here, I am a full-fledged newbie…and enjoying it more and more. That said, I am having trouble keeping up!

You see, I don’t just “like” to be nice. I only “like” if I have read and do like the post. I enjoy the comments and generally read most all of them too, especially if I am going to comment myself. I keep my mailboxes cleaned up, as much as possible, and if I open a post that I find too long to read, but am interested in it, I save it for later.

And, given that I am sharing honestly, sometimes it just doesn’t seem like I am interested in a particular post, so I delete it right off the bat. I am sure I am not alone in this.

So, I just wonder how others of you handle all this. Am I too conscientious? Or am I just crazy? I am curious and confused! I am also packing to move (then will be unpacking and getting settled) and enjoying the other activities of my life. I am really not complaining.

Let this serve as a post that tells you why I might comment or “like” your post long after it was “fresh-pressed”!!

Have a great day and a happy, busy summer! And see, I told you this was VERY serious stuff!


14 thoughts on “Conscientious, Curious and Confused

  1. Some click the like button just to get a like back. Some go fishing for followers by randomly following thousands of blogs without any intention of reading them. It’s all about marketing themselves or their book. I can’t, with a clear conscience, play that game. I follow blogs when I like their content and I ‘like’ when I truly like what I read. That said, it is hard at times to read everything but I do make an effort to read the blogs I follow. Obviously, I will miss some. For instance, right now it’s a busy season for me and I have some catching up to do. I know it will be hard to pick up where I left off in my reader and read everything. It’s a tough balance to write, keep reading and to go on with life in other areas!

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  2. I very much like your authenticity and would much rather someone commented or liked late and had read the post than just liked without reading. Liking without reading may well be well intentioned, but it skews how interested people are – although I would say it’s usually pretty easy to work out when you get a like, but your post hasn’t been read. I also realise not everything I write will be of interest to everyone who follows me, so shouldn’t get upset if people don’t read or like a post. When I get behind I tend to scan through wordpress reader right back to the last post I read, picking out what interests me. Some people I just find enjoyable to read whatever they’re blogging about, so I’d pull them out too. I wish I could read every post, because sometimes I almost don’t read something, but am really glad I did. At the end of the day there’s only so much time and I’d rather be honest about what I’ve read than click like without reading.

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  3. The conventions of any platform need to be tested by imagination and free-expression. I write in complete sentences and treat each opportunity to connect further with others in a sincere and vital way. Cheers

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  4. I just caught up with three days of posts from fellow bloggers. I am your blog sister! I too am conscientious. If I don’t care for a steady stream of one topic, I skip it. If I don’t have time to make a good comment to a post I just read, I like it. I really try to limit my comments to the articles that really amuse, educate, stimulate, or inspire me. I would feel like I was lying if I liked or commented on something I had not read. The problem is I am hoping others do the same for me. Hugs! Keep on thinking and writing!! Hugs!


  5. I have been here a little while and I am a free-wheeling liker – likes are a giant endless bag of candy we can pass out to others to say hi – or good post – or welcome – or whatever. I like likes! They are the “business cards” of the blog world – so hand them out often. 🙂 You will get more traffic – simple as that.


  6. Hi! I am still rather new to blogging, so I can’t really answer your question, but perhaps I can humbly offer one perspective to consider. I am not connected to social media, and as of yet I still don’t have a subscribe button! So I can’t “like” posts I read, even if I try. Further to that, “likes” or “follows” are not even an option at my blog yet. My point is simply that each blogger is different, and each “guest” is unique. Blogging can become extremely time consuming, so we have to balance our life, and find ways of participating that feel right for each of us. It sounds to me like you approach blog visits in a way that is authentic and meets your needs, so you are doing it the right way… For you. 🙂 Ps. I can relate: I am always reading “archives”!

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