Pleased as Punch 

Today in my mailbox…

Seems like a small step for some of you, but I am enjoying this very much. I have a few over 100 followers now and I am full of gratitude!

Thanks for the follows, the comments and the likes! The way I operate is to blog about any number of things. I actually do read the blogs I like or comment on and I don’t follow bligs that I don’t think I would be interested in, at least occasionally. That is why it sometimes takes me a while to “catch up”.

Again, this blogging thing takes a lot of time for all of us, so let this be my “thank you” to my blogosphere friends!


12 thoughts on “Pleased as Punch 

  1. Congratulations! I understand. Baby steps are no less important! It’s about the journey! 🍓

  2. Congratulations! You are a thoughtful, humorous writer!Hugs!!

  3. Congratulations. I really like the variety in your blog and I’m loving the photos. Keep it up. And thank you for following me too 🙂

  4. Congratulations on your achievement! ^_^

  5. awesome! keep writing ♡

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