“Off-Season” Weekly Photo Challenge

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Off-Season.”

My first time with this challenge. Let me see what I can find in my files…

Mountain Misery  Winter – These kids tough it out as the wind blows the snow horizontally and they endure skiing lessons!

Sun and Snow  Mountain Lake Winter – Elk Lake in the Cascade Mountain Range.

IMG_2786 Spring – It can be confusing here, the spring birds are out finding food, but the snow can still fall.

fall light through the trees_5891 TA large  Fall – Long shadows and vivid colors of fall in Drake Park.

It is not quite summer in the high desert of Central Oregon, but the weather is unseasonably warm. I chose images of the other seasons for this challenge.

This is a beautiful place…in every season!


3 thoughts on ““Off-Season” Weekly Photo Challenge

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