How much time do YOU need alone?


I need some time every day. How about you?


19 thoughts on “How much time do YOU need alone?

  1. I am constantly with people! I am a mom, a nanny, a wife, a friend, sister, daughter and more. I love every second of it and wouldn’t trade it for the world but every now and then I feel like I’ll go nuts if I don’t get some alone time. My husband is great and watches the kids so I can get away every now and then for an hour or two. I like the idea of waking up early to get an hour alone, Brad Scott, but I am not an early riser. I’ll have to make an effort and try it out!

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  2. I don’t need a lot of alone time since I am an extrovert. I used to think I could be a recluse but not possible, it would be the end of me. I’m flexible in my artwork or writing time so that I can do either in the presence of others or tucked away in the corner of a cafe or traveling. I go prepared.

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  3. I’m an introvert. The way I energize and get my creative juices flowing is through extended periods of alone time. Extroverts are just the opposite. They need people and lots of social interaction to thrive. I love people but have to force myself to get out and socialize. I’d make a good hermit but I know that’s not healthy. Everything in moderation I suppose. 🙂

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  4. Goodness what I would give for some alone time. As a carer for my husband and hands on grandma to 4 gorgeous grandchildren, time alone is a rare treat. But I would like maybe 1 day a week to read, relax, write and REST!

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    1. I am sure your efforts are so appreciated and I would love to be closer to my grands. A whole day is good sometimes, but maybe you can carve out a few minutes a day. That is more important for me. All the best to you!

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  5. I needs lots of time alone especially after a hectic day at work… I get home and do not want to see or look at anyone… I really enjoy being by myself… Wasn’t always the case, but we learn as we get older…

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  6. I really value having time alone and I usually spend a lot of the day alone. Sometimes all day alone. But, having said that, I’m never really alone as I always have my lovely dog, Mr Hicks, with me. I never need to find space from him.

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