Thursday Doors 

I am not sure I am getting this right, but going to try it. First post to Thursday Doors. My goal has been to get back into more photography. I dropped it when my brother died, as it was something we shared and it made me sad. Well, he would want me to stay with it. So here goes.

This open door is in Savannah, GA. I liked all the stickers and the invitation to go in. The lighting inside is mysterious and intriguing. Want to go in?


12 thoughts on “Thursday Doors 

      1. Done.
        Sorry I don’t know where to find the link on an iPad. Once you do get that figured out the rest is pretty simple. You just click on the blue link button at the bottom of my weekly post, then enter your blog name, the link to your door post and your email address (which stays private), and then your post will show up on the list.
        Thanks again for playing along 🙂

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  1. Glad you’re back at photography. I enjoy seeing your perspective on common items and the personality you capture in your subjects. You are unique, and your photographs reflect this priceless quality. Welcome back, lady!!

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