So, I Have Procrastinated Long Enough

…and I know you are all dying to hear why I make bags!!!!

I have been wanting to write this post because I think it is important. Maybe my procrastination is that I have not been making bags lately, but branching out to other fun things like “just-a-thought” pillows and jewelry and STUFF!

At any rate, below are some pictures of why I think we should not use plastic bags…

IMG_3854 IMG_3862 landfill          I will let you decide which is most important.

Here is a link to some info on how many cities have banned the use of the bags:

A person could read on this subject for a long time and there are pros and cons…like with any subject. This is food for thought and hopefully, your consideration on how you might help.

So, for me? I must be honest…I like to make things. I like to consider that I can help the environment. I like to gift useful things to people. I decided to create my Etsy shop mostly to support my habit of making things…truly, let me say that it doesn’t start to pay for my addiction! This is not intended as an advertisement!

Another thing about using market totes…To quote a buyer of some of my bags…Terri says:

“For me, being a responsible shopper by using my own bags has opened a whole new field of expression. I now have several fun bags and I actually remember to take them into the store with me! People notice, and maybe it makes them think about using their own bags, too, instead of using paper or plastic.”

That was so nice of her to post. It is also a challenge for me to think outside the box when designing my bags…a means of expression!

The plastic bags that I do end up with…too many, as you can see above…line my trash cans…and a couple of drawers! My sister-in-law, who lives in California, can’t get enough of them for “doggie doo”! We don’t have a dog, and I hate to admit, I don’t get them to her either! But I can’t stand the idea of sending them to the landfill!

Then, there is the question of saving a tree. This is in reference to paper bags, which I prefer and find easier to reuse, for some reason.

save trees (

So, I put the comment, “Save a tree and a landfill, one bag at a time.” on my market bag listings. You make the call. I won’t judge you.

Oh, and this is also why I use cloth napkins and minimize the use of paper towels…that is another, but similar, story!

If you have thoughts you would like to share, ways to recycle/reuse bags, or anything connected to this post, it would be great to hear from you. We can build the blogging community and “save a tree or a landfill, one bag at a time” all at once! All opinions respected, but no slamming others allowed here!

Happy bagging…whatever you use!


8 thoughts on “So, I Have Procrastinated Long Enough

  1. Good for you! You bags are so gorgeous they should be made even if there were no landfill or tree issues. One of our local charity shops says they can never get enough carrier bags. They have no idea how they’re going to cope when they’re phased out here. If anyone has them that they need to do something with maybe your charity shop would be grateful, but maybe you should also suggest they plug reusing the bags they give out.

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  2. Your bags (and baskets are delightful!)

    I adore beautiful wicker shopping baskets, especially if they are lined with pretty fabric. How beautiful is that, but not practical for the weekly shop. It is surprising though, how many shop assistants give me my shopping already in a bag, even when I say I have my own, its automatic.

    I try not to step inside supermarkets – just once a month for a quick pop through. We have veg box schemes here, beautiful organic vegetables delivered to the door, they also supply local milk, cheese and butter. I unpack the box and hand it back to him. I use the local butcher in the village its always good to invest in the local economy.

    Small things, that can hopefully make a difference.

    btw, I am hoping to pop across the pond later in the year, can you recommend any quilting events?

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    1. Sounds wonderful…the way you shop by deliveries of freshness!

      The Sisters Quilt Show is near me in Sisters, Oregon and is one of the biggest and a wonderful show in a beautiful area. The problem…it is not only across the pond, it is then across the U.S.!


  3. good job, I hate plastic bags but do sometimes forget to bring my cloth bags to the store so… but if we all make at least some effort it will make a difference!Thanks for sharing this post. Michelle

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  4. So fun to be quoted! But seriously, I LOVE my bags! I DON’T LOVE grocery shopping, but having my fun bags makes it a little more tolerable.

    I’M WAITING for some new bags! 😀

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